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    The Let it Ride offer is available to the original warranty holder of a 2, 3, 4, or 5 year term. This offer does not apply to any policy previously transferred or renewed. This offer does not apply to warranties sold before April 1st, 2016. If the following conditions are met, the warranty would be eligible for an extension to a trem equal to the length of the one original purchased, please note total length of coverage including original term and second term cannot exceed 8 years (i.e An original 5 year term is only eligible for a 3 year extension, etc)

    Terms of the offer:

    1. Available to the original warranty holder only;
    2. Customer obligations in Part 2 of the original contract must be adhered to;
    3. All maintenance records must be submitted with this application to substantiate the compliance with Part 2 of the original contact
    4. The original warranty must have no claims paid, authorized or pending against it;
    5. The warranty holder must contact Guarantee VC just prior to expiration of the original warranty term to register for the second term.
    6. An administration fee of $149 plus applicable taxes must be paid, along with a current oil change, if required.
    7. The second warranty term has no cash value and is not cancellable or transferable.
    8. The coverage during the second warranty term may not be identical to the coverage of the original term.