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Recently got my extended warranty for my Range Rover. The product and the deal that I got were amazing. Thanks!

Baset Sultan

Great warranty company to deal with.
Usually, you will hear lots of negative talk about the third party warranty but believe me once you deal with this company, it will for sure prove everybody wrong, great service friendly staff and they do fix your car. I will 100% recommend them to anyone trying to purchase an extended warranty.

Daniel Amirjani

This is my first after market vehicle warranty. I have owned my vehicle since new and paid the dealership to perform a final factory warranty inspection. This inspection came back clean. I then had GVC’s shop perform their inspection. They found $14k in deficiencies on a vehicle with 37K km’s. The manufacturer ended up covering these repairs. I now have 3 GVC policies (Porsche, BMW, Audi) and will be adding a VW shortly. GVC is an excellent company. Shadi is a true professional and a pleasure to deal with. They use first rate service facilities, which in my opinion are better than the factory dealerships that stand behind their work. I thoroughly researched aftermarket warranties and extended factory warranties before choosing GVC. I would highly recommend them.

Rick Knoll

My wife and I have just signed up our second vehicle for an GVC Extended Warranty. We had just completed 5 full years of coverage (did not max out the KM’s) on a used car that we had bought back in 2010. We called Shadi J. again for a quote on our newest vehicle and were very happy with what he was able to offer.
In the 5 years of our previous used vehicle, we put through at least a dozen claims and were very happy with GVC. GVC will not (and can not) cover everything that goes wrong, but they saved us THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs. Far more than we had paid for the original extended warranty. We were very glad we had the GVC coverage on that car.
The process was always very easy and we claimed through both dealerships and private repair centres. It was never a hassle when the claims were covered.
We have been very happy with Shadi J. and GVC and expect that we will be again when our new vehicle leaves the factory warranty period.

Sean Williams

Thanks for the great service. It was fast and hassle-free just like you promised.

Blake Edwards

GVC covered my claim. No Complaints, the process was pretty quick and mostly painless. Had to pay the $100 deductible, but I knew that going in.

Martin M

I have recently purchased an extended warranty for our family vehicle from GVC had my first repair done they took care of it in less than 24 hours! I highly recommend them for any vehicle extended warranty.

Joe Marano

I bought a fully loaded 5 years warranty for my 2007 Toyota Camry. I had a great experience with the warranty, the service was friendly professional and I took my car to an authorized Toyota dealer and they paid the claims in full. I have bought a new Toyota and when the 3 years expire, I have the intention to buy the same warrantee again because it really works.

Linda M

by far the best warranty option. I used them for my 05 Grand AM and now my 2013 Elantra and I have to say that the claims process is easy and very efficient. For the claims I’ve used them for they were very fast at processing them and was never any hassle. The quote I got from them for my Elantra was $500 cheaper than the dealers offer and provide slightly better service. Highly Recommended.

Danny C

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I know Rocky from GVC at a dealership level. GVC’s products are not only comprehensive but also reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.

Jackie Smith

Great company to work with. Reps are very friendly. Warranty packages provide amazing value for the customer. Better price for more coverage then th3 competition. Fully accredited by OMVIC. Hope to see them grow.

Matt Draus

Amazing warranty services and people. Rocky is the best and pleasure to work with. He is always there to help us with anything we need. Looking forward to do a long-term business with Guarantee VC.

Mirauto Pre-Owned Cars

Guarantee VC is a great company to do business with. We have been dealing with them for 2 years now and the service we recieve and the quality of the products they offer are second to none. I have dealt with a number of warranty companies over the years and can tell you first hand when it come to making a claim, I have never had any problems getting my customers looked after. I would highly recommend Nicki and the Guarantee VC team!

Cam Briggs

Great company and support. Pricing and coverage are by far the best in the industry. Our Rep Rocky is hands down the best rep I have ever had the privilege to work with. Would definitely recommend (and have recommended) Rocky and Guarantee VC to everyone.

Michael Kim

Dealt with these guys for three years now, very honest no-hassle claims. our rep Rocky amazing guy always helpful and always one phone call away. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy legged warranty

AAA Auto Sales

This is the best warranty company I have ever dealt with in over 10 years of experience in this industry. Both Rocky and Shadi are great people, a pleasure to work with. Now I can tell my customers with confidence that” you are covered”!

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