roadside assistance

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Service provided by Club Auto (CAA)


If your vehicle breaks down to due a mechanical problem it will be towed to the nearest garage, or to a garage of your choice located within the prescribed radius (please see contract for full details).

battery boost

If your battery fails, one of our service providers will boost your vehicle to get you back on the road. If the attempt to boost the battery is unsuccessful, the vehicle is towed as per the conditions of the program.

flat tire assistance

Our service providers will do an on the spot replacement of your flat tire with your spare tire. If you do not have a spare tire, your vehicle will be towed as per the conditions of the program.

fuel delivery

One of our service providers will bring you a sufficient quantity of gas to get you to the nearest service station. Cost for the fuel will have to be paid immediately by the driver.


If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or snow, a service provider will be sent to pull your vehicle out. The vehicle must be accessible in normal road conditions. An operator and a service vehicle will be provided for this service. The driver is responsible for costs disbursed for additional equipment or personnel.

lock-out assistance

If you lock your keys in your vehicle a service provider will unlock your vehicle on the spot. If the key is broken in the ignition switch, or it is impossible to unlock the doors the vehicle will be towed as per the terms of the program. If the services of a locksmith are required, the cost will be paid by the driver.

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