Rust Protection From GVC

Protect your car against the ravages of rust with the brand new RS1 Rust Module From GVC.

Add coverage for Rust Perforation with The GVC Rust Shield Warranty.

why rust matters?

A build up of rust will result in an unsafe vehicle leading to expensive repairs, not to mention it will depreciate your valuable asset by affecting the vehicles appearance and potentially costing you thousands of dollars in trade in or resale value 

how is rust formed

When Iron, a positive charge, in the presence of water, is exposed to oxygen, a negative charge, rust is created. Road salt during our harsh Canadian winters, and temperature fluctuations during the year only accelerate this rust build up.

how to prevent rust

Like a magnet, the positive charge of iron attracts the negative charge of air.  To prevent rust we need to counteract the attraction of air and iron by separating the positive charge from the negative.

the RS1 module

The easy to install RS1 is a microprocessor that emits a small electrical current creating a negative surface charge throughout the sheet metal of your vehicle, inhibiting the creation of rust.

Protect your Car from Rust with the RS1 from GVC!

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